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Marcus Brown leads a normal life, a successful software engineer. His best friend and roommate, Drew Salazar, spends his work life chasing bad guys as one of Albuquerque’s finest.

One night, everything changes. Marcus finds himself alone, his city suddenly abandoned, cut off from the rest of the world. But an alluring woman appears. Who is she? Is she the key to this mystery?

But the bigger question: Who exactly is Marcus?

Revelation, the first book in the Directorate 51 series, brings Marcus face-to-face with his own past, and leaves the fate of half a million people on his shoulders.


Marcus Brown

There are many things Marcus Brown, 26, is good at. He's a successful software engineer and a passionate sports fan. He's curious and a fast thinker.

If only he was that smart about girls.

Born in Albuquerque to Anton and Sarah Brown, Marcus is a lifelong New Mexican. He's a natural at computers, having held a job with a major software company even as he worked towards his computer science degree. Outside work, he enjoys video games and rooting on his favorite sports teams, the Boston Bruins and the Albuquerque Isotopes.

Drew Salazar

Marcus's best friend and roommate, Drew Salazar is a quiet giant, a force on the Albuquerque police force.

A native of Chicago, Drew moved to Albuquerque in his 20s, drawn by the city's more laid-back atmosphere. He's a good friend to have and a bad person to have against you.

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